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What is the value of chicken feet

Jul 03, 2019

Chicken feet, rich in collagen, have a beauty anti-wrinkle effect.

chicken feet processing machine

Chicken is popular with Chinese people. In fact, it is not only because of delicious food, but also because of the delicious taste of chicken. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, chicken is still a very good medicine and dietary material. Many parts have good health care effects. Over.

Chicken, sweet and warm, fine meat, rich in protein, has a good tonic effect; chicken sac intima, that is, chicken inner gold, has the effect of Jianweixiaoshi, Xiaoji food; chicken blood, hurricane detoxification The effect of chicken intestines has the effect of stopping enuresis; chicken feet are rich in collagen and have anti-wrinkle effect; eggs are rich in protein, lecithin and iron, which have the effect of rejuvenating the mind and restoring energy.

Extended information:

But 3 parts of the chicken can not eat:

1, chicken tip, chicken tip also known as "chicken butt", "chicken butt tip", refers to the upper end of the chicken buttocks, the meat is fat and tender. This part is where the lymphatic glands are concentrated. Because the macrophages in the lymph glands can swallow germs and viruses, and even carcinogens, they cannot be decomposed, so the toxins will settle in the gluteal tip. Over time, the tip of the chicken becomes a large warehouse for storing viruses and germs.

2, chicken skin, chicken skin, although delicious, but not good for health. In general, chicken skin has more fat, higher cholesterol, and higher levels of contaminants in the skin. Especially for roast chicken, after roasting, the cholesterol in the chicken skin is oxidized to form a cholesterol oxidation product, which causes great harm to the human body. If the temperature is not properly controlled, there may be carcinogens. Therefore, it is best to remove the chicken skin when eating chicken, not to use chicken skin to cook.

3, chicken neck, this part of the meat is rare, but the blood vessels and lymph glands are relatively concentrated. Occasionally, there is no problem in eating some phlegm. It is best to remove the skin when eating, because some detoxification glands such as lymph are concentrated in the subcutaneous fat in the neck. These glands contain toxins in the animal and hormones in the feed.

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