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What is the role of toothpicks produced by automatic toothpick machinery

Oct 27, 2020

I often sigh when I look at the tiny bamboo toothpick. It is only about one millimeter in diameter, with pointed ends and smooth body. Obviously it was not cut manually (who has such patience), and it does not look like a machine cut. Yes, because it is too thin, the machine can be cut so fine, but it cannot be cut so smooth; besides, if it is cut one by one, it is not economical in terms of efficiency. I think it must be made by a machine. It is cut out in batches. However, the bamboo fiber is straight, and it is difficult to make each toothpick sharp and smooth in mass production.

    Automatic toothpick machine

    The process flow of the production line of bamboo toothpick production equipment: sawing and taking the original bamboo section-splitting-fixed width and flattening-layering-bleaching to prevent mildew-drying-fixed length-polishing-fixed length-sharpening-packaging-factory 1 . Raw bamboo sawing machine 2. Raw bamboo slitting machine 3. Fixed width double-sided smoothing machine 4. Slicing machine

    This machine takes the raw material wood through a series of steps such as a wood slicing machine, a wood wool forming machine, a wood wool sizing machine, a polishing machine, a toothpick sizing machine, a toothpick double-point single-point grinder, and a multi-purpose sharpening machine. , Processed into finished wooden toothpicks. It is composed of a production line.

    This machine is a complete set of assembly line supporting mechanical equipment for the production of finished bamboo and wood toothpicks. It consists of multiple machines, from bamboo and wood raw materials to producing finished bamboo and wood toothpicks.

    The toothpick machine can produce toothpicks very well, and the production and manufacture of toothpicks can make this kind of consumers more comfortable when eating more delicate and sticky food. The use of automatic toothpick machinery and the process of manufacturing toothpicks are also very simple. Toothpick machinery and equipment manufacturers produce high-quality toothpick machines, disposable chopsticks machines, and automatic toothpick machines.