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What is the overall structure of the thermostat fryer

Mar 27, 2020

The constant temperature air fryer has introduced one of its overall characteristics in the previous stage, so what kind of overall structure does such a material have?

     The constant temperature fryer includes a furnace body, a fryer is arranged on the furnace body, a stove head is arranged below the stove body, and the stove head is connected with an air source through a pipeline. The constant temperature fryer is characterized by a control device and a set On the pipeline between the burner and the gas source, the control device includes a main control circuit, a temperature controller with a temperature detection function is attached to the outer wall of the fryer, and is electrically connected to the main control circuit through the circuit; The power supply supplies power to the main control circuit, and a switch controls the conduction of the power supply. One end of an ignition needle and a flameout protection probe are respectively extended above the furnace head, and the other end is respectively electrically connected to the main control circuit. A solenoid valve is arranged in the pipeline for transmitting gas, and the main control circuit controls its on or off. Therefore, the utility model can automatically control the firepower, and the empty frying pan keeps the oil temperature in the pan within a set temperature range. The above is a brief analysis of the overall structural process of a constant temperature fryer.