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What is the history of China chopsticks

Jul 21, 2019

Every Chinese uses chopsticks when we eat, and we can say that chopsticks occupy a part of our lives. And chopsticks has a long history, is a very traditional tableware, has a very rich cultural heritage, so how much do you know about the cultural customs of some chopsticks? The following if the chopsticks machine manufacturers(zhengzhou runxiang machinery equipment co.,ltd) share the cultural customs of chopsticks.

1: When the father is married, she uses a red-headed rope to hold a pair of red chopsticks and hand it to her daughter, meaning “to be paired like chopsticks, never to separate, to live happily.”

2: In ancient times, when the room was in the middle of the cave, people would poke the red chopsticks into the window paper, and the chopsticks would fall into the cave room, meaning the good mouth color of the "fast child".

3. During the process of eating, many children will put the chopsticks directly into the rice bowl. Generally, adults will scream and scream, and immediately pull out the chopsticks. Because traditionally, this is for the deceased to insert chopsticks into the rice.

Chopsticks machine

4. If you are greeting the guests when you are giving the guests different chopsticks or different chopsticks, then no matter how rich the food is, the guests will think that you are not respecting others.

5. Everyone knows what it means to have chopsticks on the outside table. The only answer is to let you put chopsticks in case of "overhead".

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