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What is the advantages of oil filter

Jan 03, 2020

The edible oil (frying oil) filter series has now developed to more than ten models. Frying oil filter is made according to the principle of Komatsu oil filter in Japan. LY series frying oil filter has the characteristics of high filtering accuracy, energy saving, and easy operation. This frying oil filter is most suitable for deep-fried foods (such as: potato chips, glutinous rice, fried chicken and fish, instant noodles, sand Qima, fried nuts, canned) and other manufacturers. General fried food enterprises, after using frying oil for two or three days, the oil has become black and thick, and the acid value has exceeded the standard, and it has to be discarded. After using this frying oil filter, it has the following effects:

 First, the frying oil filter can effectively filter the suspended particulate impurities in the frying oil and significantly improve the frying environment;

 2. Frying oil filter can suppress the increase of frying oil acid value and prevent oxidation;

 3. Frying oil filter can greatly extend the service life of frying oil;

 Fourth, frying oil filter oil filter can improve the appearance and quality of fried food.

    The frying oil filter is equipped with an automatic alarm safety system. When it encounters a blocked oil pipe or a filter layer, it will automatically issue a warning and immediately stop automatically. Medium and large-scale fried food companies with an oil consumption of 500-2000 kg are recommended to use this type of filter.