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What foods should not be eaten by patients with cerebral infarction

Dec 13, 2019

1. Avoid high fat

Patients with cerebral infarction must pay special attention in daily life. Some high-fat and high-calorie foods must be eaten less. Otherwise, not only will the cerebral infarction be worsened, but other brains may be induced. Vascular disease. A large number of studies have found that if you continue to eat high-fat, high-calorie foods for a long time in your daily life, you can cause a large increase in blood lipids. In addition, blood viscosity will increase. In this case, if you do not pay attention to the diet, it may also lead to the formation of arteriosclerotic plaques and eventually recurrence of thrombosis. Automatic Fryer

Therefore, this part of the population should pay attention to in daily life, such as fatty meat, animal offal, fish eggs and other foods should be eaten less, in addition to peanuts and other foods with high oil content and high cholesterol should also eat less. Patients with cerebral infarction should also control the consumption of whole milk, cream, egg yolk, fatty pork and fatty lamb. Automatic Fryer

2. Stimulant food

 Patients with cerebral infarction should pay attention to the daily diet as light as possible, and also pay attention to the food is easy to digest, so as not to increase the burden on human tissues. And in ordinary life, patients should pay attention to eat less fatty, sweet and greasy, salty stimulus and other foods, such foods have the effect of helping phlegm. If patients with cerebral infarction consume too much of these foods in their daily lives, it is likely to cause aggravation of the condition, and may also affect the health of other internal organs. Automatic Fryer

Such as sweet drinks, cream cakes, sauces, pickles, etc., and some raw, cold, spicy spicy foods, such as white wine, hemp pepper, spicy hot pot, etc., these patients should eat less. Automatic Fryer

3. Avoid tobacco and alcohol

 Foods such as tobacco and alcohol have always been the greatest natural enemies of human health. Frequent smoking and alcoholism will not only seriously affect human health, but may also cause cerebral infarction. This is because of long-term smoking and alcohol abuse, among which alcohol and smoke poison can damage the lining of blood vessels. In this case, small blood vessels can be constricted, and the narrowing of the lumen can lead to the formation of blood clots. Therefore, patients with brain blockages must quit smoking and alcohol in their daily lives. If a lot of alcohol is cited for a long time, it will be very harmful to the blood vessels. Automatic Fryer

Alcoholism can be said to be one of the causes of cerebral infarction, but experts remind patients that they can drink some red wine properly in daily life. It has the effect of increasing vascular toughness and opening blood vessels, which is very beneficial to patients. Automatic Fryer

4. Sports

Nowadays, more and more people are less active than usual in sports. Exercise is the root of life. If you do not participate in sports for a long time, it will not only cause obesity, but also cause the blood vessels to become fragile and cause various vascular diseases. Proper exercise is very healthy for the human body. In addition to promoting blood circulation and reducing cholesterol production, it can also increase the occurrence of muscle, bone and joint stiffness. Automatic Fryer

The problem of what patients with cerebral infarction can not eat. In daily life, we must pay special attention to it, especially the people with cerebral infarction at home need to understand. Only in this way can we better care for patients. Automatic Fryer