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What are the support methods of stainless steel mixer

Nov 30, 2020

Stirring materials is the job of agitators. There are many types of agitators. Among them, stainless steel agitators are widely used due to their anti-corrosion advantages. There are two support methods for such agitators. Which two support methods are there?

1. Ear support, that is, a support type welded on the upper end of the jacket part. It is a suspended support. The stainless steel stirrer is used in conjunction with other equipment such as condensers, pipes, and storage tanks. There is an operating table, the design of the operating table is based on the size of the reactor, combined with channel steel, round pipes, etc., and other equipment matched according to the process is easy to install and operate.

2. Outrigger support, that is, there are three or four leg supports in the jacket at the bottom of the stainless steel agitator. It is a floor-standing support, especially for small agitators with a volume below 500L. This type of support is not required. The welding console is easy to place and move, but the length of the agitator leg should be determined, in other words, the height of the bottom valve to the ground, the length of the leg is generally about 50mm.

Stainless steel stirrer support can be divided into two forms, one is torch support, the other is outrigger support, both of which support the normal use of the stirrer in their own way. Shaking from time to time in the process of mixing materials, it needs proper support.