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What are the requirements for the operation of the peanut sheller machine

Mar 25, 2021

Modern agricultural machinery has been widely used in peanut harvesting, and the output of peanuts has also doubled. In order to meet the various production needs of peanuts, peanut shelling machines have also emerged as the times require, and continue to grow and develop, so for this peanut How does the peeling machine work normally to meet the specifications?

First, the requirements for operators. Operators must undergo corresponding technical training and have the level of operation and use of the equipment before they can perform operations. You should also familiarize yourself with the machine manual before operation.

Second, equipment preparation. The peanut sheller machine should choose a site or machine room with a solid and flat ground, and fix the sheller on the concrete foundation with expansion bolts or foot bolts. The power requirements of the machine must also be met. Check whether the moving parts of the machine are well lubricated.

Third, test run before use. When it is determined that the machine is in a normal state, a trial run can be carried out, and a certain amount of trial strips can be put in according to the working speed. Test various technical data, according to the test results, through the adjustment of the equipment to meet the technical requirements, you can start operation.

Fourth, it must be kept properly in the end. After the end of the working period, the debris inside and outside the machine should be cleared in time, and the support of each moving part should be filled with butter before preservation.

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