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What are the requirements for fryer grounding

Jan 18, 2020

As a manufacturer committed to the production of fryers, in many years of research and development practice, we have accumulated a wealth of technical experience, the supply of fryers of excellent quality and excellent performance. Many customers have affirmed our superb technology, reasonable price and considerate service. Let's briefly introduce the grounding requirements of the fryer: 
1. Class I electrical appliances need to be connected to ground. 
2. The clamping device of the grounding terminal should be fully firm to prevent accidental loosening. 
3. Ground screw requirements: wide-pitch screws and self-tapping screws cannot be connected to the ground separately unless two screws are used at the same ground. 
4. The length of the grounding wire should meet the requirement that when the power cord slips out of the fixed device, the current-carrying wire is taut before the grounding wire. 
The above is the introduction of the grounding requirements of the fryer. I hope I can provide some help to you. Our company is always ready to provide your favorite products and intimate professional technical services, we will use the most enthusiastic attitude to solve all related problems for you, so that you do not have to worry.