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What are the procedural requirements for hydraulic press operation?

Jan 11, 2019

1.Operators should be familiar with the general performance and structure of hydraulic press and prohibit overload use. 

2.Before use, should be in accordance with the provisions of lubrication refueling, check the high pressure pump, pressure gauge, a variety of valves, sealing ring and so on is normal. 

3.Before starting, should check whether the mold matching, material weight is in line with the requirements, the weighing tool is accurate. 

4. When pressed, the harness must be placed in the center of the pad to prohibit eccentric use.

Before the start of each shift, after the test pressure, you should check whether the mold has a crack loss. 

5.Multiplayer operation, to have a person to boot, coordination with each other. 

6.It is strictly forbidden to place the hand and head between the mold and the pressure head. 

7.After the work is finished, the pressurized products, tools, molds should be sorted out and placed in the designated place.