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What are the needs of biomass pellets? The pellets produced by the biomass

May 19, 2020

pellet machine belong to biomass energy. The majority of investors invest in biomass pellet machines, but there are many people who do not know what is the demand for the pellets of the biomass pellet mechanism and what kind of demand does the pelleting have. Only by making good grains can investors get good returns and bring good profits.

In granulation, the general demand is divided into 3 types, *** is the raw material, the second is the particle size, and the third is the humidity. As long as these three requirements can be met during the granulation process, a good pellet fuel can be produced.

The raw materials are very wide, and they are agricultural and forestry wastes such as straw, cotton stalks, sawdust, branches, straw, nutshells, and waste wood. Investors need to see which raw materials are the most and can be supplied in time. * ** Normal production cannot be discontinued. Otherwise, it will delay production.

The size of the particles affects the granulation. The granulation particle size requires the use of a crusher to crush the raw materials into a particle size of about 5MM to 10MM, and only meets the standards.

The demand for granulation also requires humidity, which requires 8% to 12%. You can use a dryer. Only when it reaches the standard humidity can it be made when making pellet fuel.