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What are the inspection rules for small grinders

Nov 27, 2020

 1. The small surface grinding machine shall be inspected by the inspection department of the manufacturer before leaving the factory, and shall be accompanied by an inspection certificate.

 2. Check the appearance and assembly quality of the small grinder, and carry out the dry running test for no less than 15 minutes one by one.

 3. After the small surface grinding machine is closed, put 60g/㎡ paper with a length of 100mm and a width of 0.9 roller length between the two grinding rollers. Turn the fast roller to pass the paper and observe the distribution of tooth marks.

 4. Fix the dial indicator in the proper position with the magnetic meter holder so that the measuring head is perpendicular to the end surface of the fast roller shaft. Use a crowbar with a sharp wedge at one end and a diameter of 20*200mm to pry the grinding roller to one end. Keep the end face of the bearing tight, and at the same time, observe the dial indicator reading. Use the above method to pry the grinding roller to the other end and observe the dial indicator reading. The difference between the maximum value and the minimum value of the two readings is the axial movement of the fast roller.

 5. Small-scale grinders produced in batches should undergo performance tests no less than twice a year.

 6. The ability to produce flour per centimeter of the milling roller at one time is tested according to JB/T5681.