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What are the important parts of the grass cutter machine

Nov 11, 2020

The grass cutter is mainly composed of a frame, a motor, a drive shaft, a blade disk, and a material box. The material box is installed on one side of the frame, and the motor and the drive shaft are installed on the other side of the frame. One end of the drive shaft extends into the material. Inside the box, a blade disk is installed at the end of the drive shaft in the material box, and a set of blades is assembled on the blade disk to be locked by a gland.

The motor drives the drive shaft to make the blades rotate with the blade disk, and the chopped grass flows out of the discharge port of the feed box. Adjust the adjustment board to control the length of the forage to be cut to meet different breeding requirements. The paper mill cuts straw, wheat straw and other grass materials into a certain length of equipment.

The grass material is fed into the feed roller by the conveyor belt, and is cut into grass pieces by the flying knife and the bottom knife after being compressed, so that the filling amount can be increased during the cooking, and it is easy to be evenly penetrated by the liquid medicine.