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What are the functions of the flour mill in the various systems of milling

Nov 25, 2020

 During the grinding process, the grinding system is divided into skin grinding system, slag grinding system, powder cleaning system, heart grinding system and tail grinding system according to the different types and methods of common sense materials. They respectively process different materials and complete The respective functions. Ruixiang flour mill manufacturer introduced the function of each flour milling system of flour mill.

The function of the skin mill system of the flour mill: The skin mill system is a system for processing wheat or bran during the flour milling process. Its function is to peel off the wheat grains, separate the dregs, wheat core and coarse flour, and keep the bran flakes It can be broken, so that the endosperm and the husk are separated to a large extent, and a small amount of wheat flour is extracted.

The function of the slag mill system of the flour mill: The slag mill system is used to process the endosperm particles with wheat husk separated from the skin mill and other systems. It provides a second opportunity to separate the wheat husk and endosperm, thereby improving the purity of the endosperm . The wheat dregs are separated from the husks to produce good quality wheat cores and coarse flour, which are sent to the heart grinding system to be ground into flour.

The function of the flour cleaning system of the flour mill: The function of the flour cleaning system is to use the dual functions of the screening and winnowing of the separator to obtain the dregs, wheat hearts, coarse flour, and even bran powder grains and bran obtained in the leather mill and other systems. The mixture of shavings is classified according to quality, and then sent to the corresponding grinding system for processing.

The function of the heart grinding system of the surface grinding machine: the heart grinding system is to grind the pure endosperm particles obtained by the skin grinding, slag grinding and powder cleaning system into wheat flour with a certain fineness.

The function of the tail milling system of the flour mill: The tail milling system is located in the middle and back stages of the heart milling system. It mainly processes the low-quality endosperm grains extracted from the slag mill, heart mill, and flour cleaning systems, and extracts wheat flour from it.