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What are the factors that affect the drying efficiency of food dryers

Jun 15, 2020

The content of materials with different humidity. The speed of the hot air medium in the drying chamber of the Chinese herbal medicine food dryer is related to the drying speed, the form of the material, and the characteristics of the material. Dryness should be controlled under certain technical parameters such as temperature, humidity and wind speed. To ensure the maintenance of the pharmacological ingredients during the drying process. Stacking thickness and placement method affect the drying speed. The stacking thickness should be reasonably controlled to increase the heat exchange area and ventilation, and then accelerate the drying speed.

Open the back lid, use a soft (dry) cotton cloth to clean all the parts inside the equipment, clean the fin heat exchanger of the yam dryer, ensure the heat exchange effect of the food dryer is good, and move the fan bearings and other moving parts Add suitable lubricants to reduce friction, reduce energy consumption and extend the life of electric fans. Check the belt tension and adjust the pulley properly to make it in the best working condition. Reinforcing treatment is required for loose and detached parts, including electrical lines, rocker arms of doors, and pipe joints.

It can be cycled, reused, replaced and repaired easily. The main parts of the product in the food dryer are durable, the heat source is convenient to replace, and the price is not expensive, and the investment is small. In the whole device, only the heat source and the reflector need to be replaced regularly, and the service life can be up to ten years as long as. Low thermal inertia and quick heating. It has strong absorption and high heat generation rate, and the speed of heating and cooling is further accelerated. It has strong compliance and can effectively save energy.