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What are the factors affecting the effect of flour mill grinding process

Nov 13, 2020

There are many factors influencing the effect of flour mill grinding process, mainly including three factors: wheat process quality, grinding process parameters and operation.

一. The technological quality of wheat: 1. Hardness. Due to the different hardness of wheat, wheat exhibits different characteristics (brittleness and toughness) during the crushing process.

2. Moisture, different varieties and types of wheat must undergo proper moisture adjustment to change the structural mechanical properties of wheat and make wheat suitable for the requirements of the milling process.

二. Grinding process parameters: 1. Bachelor, when grinding high-quality flour, the heart grinding system adopts a bachelor, the surface of the grinding roller is polished first, and then processed by a matte surface. 2. The technical parameters of gears and toothed rods mainly include There are 4 aspects of tooth number, tooth profile, slope and arrangement.

三. Operation indicators of the mill: 

1. Rolling distance, on the line connecting the centers of the two grinding rolls, the distance between the surfaces of the two grinding rolls is the rolling distance. 2. The feeding of the flour mill and the grinding effect of the flour mill are largely related to the feeding mechanism and the uniformity of the feeding speed. 3. The unit flow rate of the flour mill. The unit flow rate of the mill refers to the contact length of the mill roller per centimeter of the mill and the mass of the ground material per unit time, expressed in terms of. 4. Suction and cleaning of the grinding roller. When the material is crushed by the grinding roller, part of the mechanical energy is converted into heat energy, which makes the grinding roller and the material heat up. Sometimes the surface temperature of the grinding roller is as high as 60-70℃.

The surface of the flour milling roller is poorly cleaned, especially the high water content of the grinding material and the high pressure between the grinding rollers will cause the material to stick to the surface of the grinding roller or the tooth groove of the toothed roller, which will affect the grinding effect.