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What are the advantages of automatic vegetable cutting machine

Jul 07, 2020

Nowadays, with the continuous increase in labor costs, catering companies also feel huge cost operation pressure. For food manufacturers, canteens, fast food chains and other industries, the emergence of automatic vegetable cutting machines will greatly save manpower, time, and bring everyone Come for practical convenience.

What can the automatic vegetable cutter bring? The advantages of the vegetable cutter are summarized as follows:

1. The compact design independent control panel effectively controls all important operations.

2. The built-in control panel and the independent control panel of the fuselage are fully synchronized. The LCD screen can prompt the total slice thickness and total slice, trimming block thickness, slice thickness, and important operation status.

3. Vertical stop of two samples (upper and lower)

4. Five slice modes: single, continuous, step, half knife, programming

5. The slice speed is automatically adjusted according to the slice thickness.

6. Block repair function can be turned off. In the automatic state, the parameters of the repair block are automatically adjusted, and in the manual state, the parameters of the repair block can be determined by programming.

7. Slice thickness and trimming thickness can be independently selected and stored.

8. The visual signal and sound signal indicate the forward and backward limits and the remaining sampling distance during sample injection.

9. Optional cold light source, magnifying glass or stereoscopic mirror to meet the needs of semi-thin sections. Optional ultra-low temperature liquid nitrogen freezing system can be used for semi-thin sections of special samples.