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Ways to increase the oil output rate of hydraulic oil press

Aug 03, 2020

Processing before hydraulic oil press:

1. Selected oil

The oil output rate of hydraulic oil press is between 45%-50%. To achieve the highest value, skill is required. The selection of oil is the first step for customers. Some customers have not considered this knowledge, so the follow-up work done in place will also have an impact. Selected sesame seeds can achieve the effect of high oil yield.

2. Clean up

The processed oil generally contains certain impurities. If it is not carefully cleaned, it will accelerate the wear of the internal parts of the hydraulic oil press, reduce the oil output rate of the hydraulic oil press, and cause serious damage to the hydraulic oil press.

3. Steam and stir fry

Steaming and frying is the most important link to improve the oil yield, even if the oil is first wetted, then dried in a wok, and finally pressed.

4. Cooling oil

 For pressed sesame seeds, after steaming and frying, the sesame seeds need to be cooled by a smoke eliminator, which can improve work efficiency and increase the oil yield. Therefore, the smoke eliminator is also one of the necessary products for hydraulic oil press equipment. Its purpose is to cool the sesame seeds quickly, so that the customer does not need to cool the sesame seeds naturally, so that the work efficiency is improved, and the oil yield rate of the sesame seeds is indirectly improved.

 Processing in the hydraulic oil press:

In fact, this part of processing is mainly based on the operating experience of the customers. Customers need to operate the hydraulic oil press in a standardized manner. For details, please refer to the manual. Skilled personnel can operate according to their own experience. Basically every time a customer buys a machine, our hydraulic press manufacturer will equip a technician to train the customer in the past, so novices don't have to worry about learning it. The operation of the hydraulic oil press machine is very simple, and you will learn it right away.

The pressing time of the hydraulic oil press is very short, about once every 10 minutes, so it needs to be watched by personnel. After pressing, the oil can be put in again, which can save time and increase the oil yield.