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Wavy potato chip equipment new listing

Oct 18, 2019

Our company has broken through many technical difficulties and successfully developed a perfect wave potato chip machine!


The machine can be directly equipped on the assembly line or it can be operated separately. Made of SUS304 stainless steel and aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy, it is in full compliance with national health standards. The machine is easy to disassemble and clean, and can be directly cleaned by water pipes to ensure the cleanness inside the machine. The device with the above advantages is particularly suitable for enterprises of fried potato chips, French fries assembly line, vegetable deep processing line, and fruit deep processing line.


The device is divided into two types: double-sided wave pattern and double-sided smooth type according to the different tools. The machine is equipped with six flat or wave cutters. When the device rotates one turn, there will be thirty or hundreds of strips or thousands. The roots are cut and the yield is high. Customers can choose different models according to different needs.

Customers who want potato chips machine line,contact us without any hesitation!

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