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Water oil mixed deep frying machine

Mar 10, 2020

1.Full-automatic fryer water-oil mixed frying refers to adding oil and water in the same open container. Oil with a relatively low density occupies the upper half of the container. 

2.Water with a high density occupies the lower half of the container in the middle of the oil layer. Set the heater horizontally. During the frying process, the food is in the upper oil layer that has flooded the electric heating tube about 60cm, and the food residue passes through the lower oil layer and sinks into the water at the bottom, which alleviates the problems caused by the traditional frying process to a certain extent. 

3.The basic components of water-oil mixed frying equipment are divided into upper oil layer, lower oil layer, water layer, heating device, cooling device and filter screen. The structure of the intermittent smoke-free multifunctional water-oil mixing fryer is shown in Figure 13-7. 

4.The heating device of the frying equipment is located in the middle of the oil layer, and the automatic fryer filter is placed above the heater. When frying is used, first add water to the position specified by the oil level indicator in the fryer, and then add the frying oil to the high level. Position about 60cm above the heater. Edible defoamer dimethyl silicon can effectively extend the use of oil. Its dosage is 25mg / kg of fried oil. 

5.During the frying process, the amount of frying oil is constantly decreasing due to the absorption of oil and the splashing of the poise to generate volatiles and polymers. The fresh oil should be continuously replenished to continue frying. 

6.The time (h) required to completely change the old oil that has been fried to fresh oil is converted into the percentage of fresh oil added per hour. The automatic fryer is called the oil circulation speed. The greater the oil circulation speed, the more new oil is restocked per hour, and the lighter the thermal degradation of the fat is, the lower the oil deterioration rate is when the oil circulation speed is above 12.5%.