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Vacuum packaging machine failure reasons and solutions

Jun 26, 2020

The modern vacuum technology is mature and the application effect is remarkable. It has been recognized in various industries. It not only keeps the product fresh and quality, but also has the advantages of resisting mechanical stress, reducing vibration, and conducive to long-distance transportation, so it can more effectively maintain the original food. Some colors, aroma, taste, shape and nutritional value. The vacuum packaging machine often encounters the following fault problems during use. You don't need to panic to understand the solution.

1. What should I do when the vacuum packaging machine does not evacuate or the vacuum is not high?

  1) Whether the vacuum pump is reversed, check whether the rotation direction of the vacuum pump is consistent with the arrow clicked on the vacuum pump, then it must be adjusted correctly;

  2) The single-chamber vacuum packaging machine that was just purchased may not be gentle enough when using it. We need to apply a little force when we cover the vacuum chamber to make the upper cover of the vacuum chamber fit the panel ;

  3) The travel switch is not in position, adjust the position of the travel switch limit piece.

  4) The time relay is out of control and replaced.

  5) The bleed valve is not closed tightly and leaks. Check the bleed solenoid valve and spool (rubber). Whether there is wear, pollution or spool center deviation.

  6) Check whether there is leakage or looseness in various parts of the phase inspection pipeline.

2. The heat sealing quality is not good

 1) Check whether the mouth of the packaging bag is clean, and avoid contamination of the seal.

 2) Check whether the nickel-chromium belt is working properly, and whether there is short circuit or open circuit.

 3) Whether the heat sealing temperature and heat sealing time are properly selected.

 4) Check whether the hot-pressed air bag leaks.

 5) The heat-sealing solenoid valve is not working properly.

3. It cannot be deflated after vacuuming, and the vacuum chamber cannot be opened.

 1) The time relay is out of control, and the contact is bad or damaged.

 2) No power supply, check the power supply circuit.

 3) Check whether the bleed solenoid valve is working normally.