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using guide of puffed extruder machine

Oct 18, 2019

Small Puffed Extruder Machine

English operation manual




1.product overview

2.the principle of work

3.low production processing method

4.Puffed too much and puffed not enough

5.the product shape is not very good

6.puffed material is tough surface, different length

7.extruder barrel temperature is not enough

8.processing method, material jet


1.product overview

The main purpose and scope of application


Mainly suitable for various shapes and different diameter and different grain starch content higher curing processing.

(raw materials such as corn, rice, millet, sorghum, etc.)



2.the principle of work


1. when working in the extrusion cavity open at one end of the input material by machine, and from the screw conveyor to the whole machine cavity, the screw conveying pressure driving the material flow through the ring and inside of the machine chamber, the clearance between the mechanical energy generated by screw rotation movement due to the material and friction between extrusion machine parts and material internal friction and converted into heat energy


2. In most cases, these materials are rich in starch and protein at the same time cooking into a viscous or colloidal the dough.In the process of the material into this state, a large number of physical and chemical changes have taken place in the material, is mainly the result of a material of starch and protein changes

3. Material in squeezed through the machine at the end of the cavity die hole, make the dough shape of the material being processed into certain shape.Owing to the great advance of screw machine cavity effect, and make a huge pressure on the material, when the material come out from the die hole instantaneously vaporized the off a lot of moisture in the material, thus greatly reducing the water content in the material


4. In the production of low density products, relies on the molecules of the material, as well as in the process of extrusion operation used by various conditions, the material will happen a lot of inflation


5. In the production of high density products, rely on the extrusion cavity set on purging pressure, as well as in the process of extrusion operation used by various conditions (including increase moisture and reduce the extrusion temperature, etc.), the expansion of the material is not going to happen a lot



3. low production processing method

  Extrusion machine over a period of time after the use, production decline please click the following rule out some methods to check

 1.the screw head badly worn


2.extruder barrel bushing wear

       3.material is too dry ?


General requirements of raw material is around 14-18% moisture content, moisture content is too high will make puffing rate is reduced, the material bubble become bigger, more hard.Too low moisture out of the material is fine, the machine temperature on the high side, even will paste material, the material such as burr forming is not smooth.

4.Puffed too much and puffed not enough

Puffed material too much

1) Speed is too high

2) Material too much moisture/water or not enough moisture/water

3) Mould hole blocking


1、 puffed material is not enough

1) Extruder capacity small

2) extruder speed is lower

5.the product shape is not very good


1.Process temperature too high or too lower

2.material to enter is not uniform/stable

3.material moisture too higher or lower

4.Cutting speed is not correct

5.The blade wear

   6.raw material granularity is too big

6.puffed material is tough surface, different length

1.die hole some is blocking

2.die hole process problem

3.material moisture is not suitable

4.The blade wear



7.extruder barrel temperature is not enough


1.material moisture too higher

2.die hole area is too big so barrel inside pressure is too small




 8.the product discharge blocked before die


1.The granularity of raw material relative to die hole size is too big

2.Water is not enough, do not let the material flow/run

3.Screw badly worn

4.feed inlet congestion






1.Equipment operation after each time inside and outside clean, especially the expansion chamber may not retain any material, in order to avoid hard to clean up after cooling agglomeration


2.Snack cavity spindle pulley should pay attention to often clean, shall not be dust is too much, or you will make the belt imbalance caused by swelling cavity vibration, check the firmness of the belt


3.Extrusion chamber bearing box adopts high temperature resistant butter, regular replacement, using a machine can be switched on for the first time to use again after 1-2 hours with grease gun is filled


4.Remove the screw head, shall not be knocking heave


5.To keep the extrusion machine and its surroundings clean


6.Monthly check belt firmness


Note: all equipment when clearing, must be a power outage, and disconnect air switch, shut off the power