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Using guide of multi thresher machine

Sep 23, 2019

1. Using guide of Multi-function thresher :

(1) Before starting the machine, carefully check whether the machine is in a very posture, the safety protection should be installed properly, the connection of each part should be firm and reliable, run in the direction of the arrow indicator, can not be reversed, turn the machine by hand to confirm the flexibility and can be turned on.

(2) All tools such as metal and hard objects shall not be placed on the machine and nearby venues during operation.

(3) If the machine is clogged, it should be immediately shut down for cleaning.

(4) After the end of the working season, remove and wash according to the specific conditions, check the parts, there is no moving phenomenon, the bearing is filled with lubricating oil, placed in the dry and ventilated place of the plug.

2. Some notes on the correct use of agricultural machinery:

First, carefully read the mechanical instruction manual, master the structure and performance, avoid swallowing the date, self-righteous, can not act as "Bai Shi Tong"


Second, the operating machinery should follow the operating procedures, maintenance should pay attention to methods, should not be too sloppy, can not be fiddled


Third, the limited function of agricultural machinery, the speed of the load has provisions, avoid "small horse-drawn cart", greed and lost


4. It is absolutely impossible to operate the faulty machine. Once the machine is found to be faulty, stop the operation immediately and carry out maintenance and maintenance in time.


                          1)When threshing corn, first mark the four stable rods with nails, remove them, set aside, and collect them. Let the tamper of threshing corn rotate freely on the string shaft;

2) Then install the sieve plate with the mesh hole φ16mm, cover the cover and fasten it. Ok

3) When removing the gluten, sorghum, and soybean, first remove the four string shafts with the tamper together with the tamper, and collect them in 4 boxes or wire to avoid confusion;

4) Then install the barred stabilizing rod with the nails and attach it with the bolts. Be sure to fix it with bolts. Note that the studs should not be mixed and reversed.


5) Then replace the sieve plate with the hole diameter Φ10mm for the threshing beans.

       The sieve plate of Φ5.5mm is used for the change of millet, sorghum and rape.