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Using guide of flat die pellet machine

Nov 25, 2019

Working Principle of flat die pellet machine:

The screw center pressure regulating mechanism is adopted, and the gap of the mold is small and small, and different materials are applied to ensure the pressing effect. The pressure roller adopts a large groove width, is pressure-resistant and wear-resistant, and the pressure roller adopts a plurality of uniform cloths, and the operation is stable, and the pressing area is increased, thereby improving the production efficiency. Sawdust and straw compression molding require a lot of pressure. In the same kind of granulation, briquetting and rod making equipment, the pressure roller component is the central component of the whole equipment. The advantage of the "cone flat die" that can be arbitrarily increased is that it is incomparable to other equipment. For example, the ring model granulator can not be increased due to the diameter of the ring die, resulting in the pressure wheel bearing chamber changing. Small, assembled bearings do not have a strong ability to withstand pressure, bearing damage caused by the three stops of the equipment. This type of machine has a variety of compression molding. Round rods, squares and pellets can be made by changing the mold. It can adapt to different materials for compression molding and achieve the best benefits. The granulating room is equipped with an observation door, which is easy to check and maintain at any time.

flat die pellet machine

Advantage of flat die pellet machine:

1. After the pressure roller is enlarged, the bearing is enlarged and the pressure bearing capacity is enhanced. 2. After the pressure roller is enlarged, the temperature generated by the extrusion friction is not easily transmitted to the bearing chamber, ensuring that the lubricating grease does not easily overflow when the bearing is working at a low temperature. 3. After the pressure roller is enlarged, the pressure roller can be repaired 2-3 times, the service life is prolonged, the production cost is reduced, and the profit margin of the project is increased.

Matters needing attention:

1, before the new machine is used, it must be run-in or it can not be used normally.

2, kl120 type lighting power supply, the power line with no less than 4 square meters of copper wire, the meter uses 5 - 10a. 

3. When the pellet machine is working, do not put it into the feeding port by hand. If necessary, you can use a wooden stick to help feed. 

4. Before the machine is turned on, you must first add less material and then turn it on. When shutting down, leave a little feed in the machine to prevent the pressure roller of the machine from coming into contact with the template. 

5. If there is a stuck phenomenon in the machine work, stop it immediately, press the pressure roller until the bolt is loose, and then restart the machine. 

6. After each work is completed, the adjustment roller bolts must be loosened. 

7. After the machine has used a certain amount of time or pressed out a certain amount of particles, if the pellets produced are broken or the particles are not solid, the disc should be turned over to the following mixed feed to add 2%-4% water. 

8, often check the tightness of the belt to prevent low machine output, belt slip and so on. 

9. The pellet machine should work at low load for about 40 hours when using it, then replace the gear oil in the gearbox. It will be replaced regularly for 100 hours in the future, and all bearings should be filled with grease regularly. 

10. The pellet machine works continuously, and the motor heats up to 70 degrees, which is a normal phenomenon.