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Use straw pellet machine and other equipment

Nov 03, 2020

Use straw pellet machine and other equipment to crush wheat straw, straw, rice husk and other raw materials, and then press to produce cylindrical pellets and biomass fuel pellets with high density, convenient for transportation, storage and combustion. This product has a very broad market now. Many large agricultural households have the problem of difficult handling of agricultural surpluses generated in their operations, and this problem can be easily solved in this context. Not only the economic benefit of farmers is improved, but also the development and utilization of renewable energy such as biomass energy is also an ideal way. With the increase in farmers' income and the progress of sustainable agricultural development, there are also important economic, ecological and social benefits. The important thing is that as the main member involved, the use of straw pellet machines has also made a significant contribution to economic development and contributed to new energy and environmental protection.

As an important equipment in promoting the development of new rural construction, the straw pellet machine has a wide range of sources and a wide range of applications, whether it is processed raw materials or processed pellets. The straw pellet machine has changed the former countryside and is more refreshing. It is an indispensable link in the construction of new countryside