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Three elements of daily maintenance of oil press

Aug 11, 2020

1. Details determine success or failure

Some gaps in the oil press should be checked in detail, especially the gap between the screw shaft and the cake ring. The gap must be within the normal range. When there is a blockage in the middle, it needs to be cleaned in time to prevent it from happening. Jam event. At the same time, check the tightness of bolts and nuts to prevent loosening due to vibration during use.

2. Pay attention to waterproof

The oil press is rarely used in the off-season, and it must be kept away from the water source to prevent oxidation reaction and rusting of the oil press. Before storage, in order to prevent decay and deterioration, the excess grease inside the oil press must be cleaned to prevent the remaining impurities from corroding the oil press. Apply lubricant to some bearing parts to prevent rust.

3. Regular inspection

Although the oil press is rarely used in the off-season, in order to ensure its performance, the oil press equipment needs to be restarted regularly, which can effectively prevent some parts from rusting and affect the flexibility of the oil press. The circuit equipment needs to be overhauled to prevent the cables from being bitten by rats during storage.