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Thinner fried foods are more harmful

Feb 15, 2020

High-temperature fried foods, such as French fries, fried buns, and fried cakes (frying equipment), contain certain carcinogens acrylamide. The World Health Organization has explicitly warned consumers about this. Recently, the latest research released by the Hong Kong Consumer Council and the Centre for Food Safety stated that the thinner the acrylamide in all fried foods, the greater the harm to the human body. Long-term consumption of acrylamide-containing foods, even if not eaten much each time, can cause symptoms such as drowsiness, hallucinations and tremors, mood and memory changes, and peripheral neuropathy.

    The thinner the food, the higher the temperature it will accept during frying; the higher the temperature, the more harmful substances will be produced. For example, when the fried dough stick is heated, the oil temperature can be more than 180 ° C; but for thinner fries, potato chips, etc. (frying equipment), the oil temperature needs to exceed 200 ° C, so more acrylamide will be produced.

In comparison, fritters in pancake fruit are safer than crispy, and fried buns are safer than thin and crispy lasagna. In addition to these foods, some small snacks loved by white-collar workers, such as crackers and cookies, will also cause certain harm to health.

"If you want to fry food at home, it is best to cut it into thick and thick pieces, and you must control the temperature and time." Chinese cooking master Shi Wanrong reminded that when the oil temperature is low, fry the food to light golden brown (Frying equipment). The Consumer Council of Hong Kong also reminded that if the food is coated with a layer of raw flour (water and corn starch ratio 1: 1) and fried, the acrylamide content can be reduced by 55% -65%.