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The ways to eliminate blockage of oil press

Jul 23, 2020

1. The sieve cloth oil is taken one side. During inspection, if the screen surface is not horizontal, the length of the left and right booms should be adjusted to make them equal; if the screen body is twisted, the eccentric wheel shaft can be adjusted to make it vertical to the frame. If the oil on the sieve surface is removed from the stone, the frame can be adjusted to make it level; if the air flow is uneven, the air box of the air box can be adjusted to make the air flow evenly blow to the screen surface. If the sieving rate is low, replace the new brush or adjust the length of the brush, and adjust the tilt angle of the flat screen.

 2. The belt is lubricated without material lifting. The main reason is that too much oil accumulates in the lower part of the conveyor of the bucket elevator, causing blockage. You can open the door at the lower part of the conveyor to remove the accumulated oil.

 3. Uneven steamigon the pot. During inspection, if the steam nozzle of the steamer is blocked or rusted, the steam nozzle should be cleared. If the blank is pasting the bottom of the pot in the lower pot, the distance between the scraper and the bottom of the pot can be adjusted; if the scraper is twisted and worn, the scraper should be replaced; if the blank is unevenly cooked, adjust the limit switch, Contacts and floating plates to coordinate their movements.

 4. The roll does not rotate when overloaded. The troubleshooting method is: if there is oil between the rolls when starting, loosen the roll adjustment bolts to remove the oil between the rolls; if the feed is too large and the speed is too fast, you can close the inserting plate at the unloading port; if it is a rolling If the blank thickness is uneven, the roll gap should be readjusted and the loose nut should be tightened.