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The toothpicks produced by the toothpick machine will not cause harm to the human body

Oct 25, 2020

I believe that many people now use disposable chopsticks whether they are eating food stalls or late night snacks. This is the current situation. Disposable chopsticks are more hygienic to use, and toothpicks are the same, but toothpicks produced by toothpick machines are used. Improperness can cause harm to people.

Toothpicks are a cleaning tool for the oral cavity. Improper use of toothpicks can also cause harm. Below, Gongyi Shaolin Machinery Factory will introduce the harm of toothpicks.

 A small toothpick may contain tens of thousands of bacteria, which can be easily imported from the mouth, such as hepatitis B and tuberculosis. Recently, the China Consumers Association issued a consumer warning stating that many toothpicks equipped in domestic restaurants are "three-no" products, and the country has not yet formulated relevant standards for toothpicks.

 Therefore, consumers should only choose one toothpick each time, and it will break after use to prevent secondary pollution.

 It is understood that the safety of toothpicks can arise in two stages. The first is the production stage. Due to the low technical content of toothpick production, most of the producers are family workshops, and the quality is difficult to guarantee; the second is the improper preservation during use, which may cause secondary pollution.

 The above are the hazards of toothpicks and must be avoided when using them.

Chopstick machine manufacturers are also satisfied with the current development space. They can make every effort to use resources without waste, and the machinery and equipment produced are relatively easy to operate, and the efficiency is absolutely high.