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The source of the small automatic vegetable cutting machine

Jul 13, 2020

In modern society, complicated housework has become more and more heavy. After the birth of modern cookware such as microwave ovens, people are looking forward to more modern cookware. According to the common demand psychology of this society, after repeated research, the French inventor Weldon finally invented the automatic vegetable cutter in 1963 and obtained a patent. Its structure and principle are extremely simple: put a knife in a cylindrical container, the knife is close to the bottom of the container and the wall rotates quickly. A few years later, the small automatic vegetable cutting machine was officially put on the market to participate in market competition. At the same time, Weldon did not indulge in the joy of success, but constantly investigated and obtained feedback information, and carried out persevering exploration based on some small defects in the actual operation. On March 1, 1971,

He designed a "magic" blender for housewives, which integrates many functions of cutting, mixing and kneading. American women have a soft spot for this, and jokingly call it: the master of kitchen art."