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The realization of pillow packaging machine function

Sep 28, 2020

1. Automatically align the cross-cutting position. Cut the cross-cutting knife exactly at the cursor position of the packaging film by jog (respectively jog the cross-cutting knife and the longitudinal sealing feed), and then press the teaching mode start button, the servo system will be fixed Speed start,

Drive the longitudinal sealing system to feed. At the same time, the PLC starts to count the length. When it reaches the cursor position, the servo film feeding stops, and the current length count data is sent to the current page of the man-machine interface. When the relative position storage is pressed, the PLC will

The relative position before packaging.

2. When the manual cross-cutting position is aligned with manual operation, you can directly input the relative position on the man-machine interface; when running, you can directly adjust the cutter position through the left and right value input buttons in the running screen.

3. When the sealing and cutting tracking function equipment is running, every time the cross-cutting knife runs for a week, the cutting point proximity switch is interrupted by the PLC externally, collecting the current encoder count value and comparing it with the relative position stored in the PLC.

According to the magnitude and the sign of the difference, the frequency of the command pulse sent by the PLC is calculated.

4. Other functions can be realized through the panel or man-machine interface to start, stop, feed jog, cutter jog, machine jog and other functions. When running, it can detect the current running speed, record the processing quantity, and

Realize clearing.