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The operation process of biomass pellet machine

May 15, 2020

The complete set of equipment for the biomass pellet machine mainly includes: crusher, dryer, granulator, conveyor, cooler, packaging machine. The production of biomass particles is composed of raw materials, crushing, drying, granulation, cooling, finished product packaging and other processes. Each equipment and every step has strict operating specifications and quality requirements to ensure product quality.

Detailed production process of the complete set of equipment for biomass pellet machine:

Raw material collection: There are many raw materials for pellet machines, such as crop straws, fruit shells, tree bark, sawdust, etc. Before production, the demand for raw materials must be stored for at least nearly a week to avoid delaying normal production. At the same time, the raw materials stored should be safe: fire and rain.

Crushing of raw materials: When granulating, the requirement for raw materials is 3-5MM, so all the raw materials we collect need to be crushed except sawdust. Depending on the size of the raw materials, we can choose a cutter disc grinder or a hammer crusher. For details, please consult our technical department.

Drying of raw materials: The biomass pellet machine is very strict with the moisture content of the raw materials, but the water content is not higher than 18%. If the water content is too large or too much water, the particles produced will break but not form.

Raw material transportation: In order to save effort, we generally configure a transportation equipment. The processed raw materials are sent to the feed port of the granulator through the conveyor.

Raw material granulation: Biomass granulator is the main equipment of the whole production line. According to the output and usage, the pellet machine has two major categories of flat die and ring die, and eight models are available. Particle cooling: The temperature of the freshly produced biomass particles is as high as 80 or 90 degrees. If the bagging will cause a fire at this time, it must be cooled to normal temperature by the cooling machine before the bag can be stored in the warehouse.

Granule packaging: The cooled and complete granules are transported to the packaging machine by a conveyor. The packaging machine measures and packs the bags, and finally sends them to the finished product warehouse. Then you can sell it directly.

Each step in the production process of a complete set of equipment for a biomass pellet machine is crucial, and the requirements of each step are related to the quality of the pellet. Please note before using:

1. Before plugging in the biomass pellet machine, first check that the ground wire is intact. It is strictly forbidden to turn on the power and start the biomass pellet machine without the ground wire.

2. Do not operate any switch knob with wet hands to prevent electric shock.

3. Do not directly check the wires by hand or replace electrical components, otherwise electric shock or damage may occur.

4. When switching power supply or running, do not touch any electrical equipment in the electrical cabinet and workstation.

5. Only the maintenance personnel with corresponding operating qualifications, and maintain the biomass pellet machine in strict accordance with the electrical maintenance technical requirements, in order to avoid accidents.