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The mechanical structure of wheat thresher

Apr 30, 2020

The first is the transmission path and the continuously variable transmission. According to the threshing productivity requirements, the cutter head has a variety of speeds, but the transmission path is relatively simple and consists of two-stage transmission path. The first stage is a stepless speed change of the pulley, and the stepless speed change pulley is directly installed On the motor shaft, the passive variable speed pulley is installed on another shaft, and the other shaft is equipped with a synchronous toothed belt

Second, the entire transmission route has five stages of transmission. Due to the compact design of the machine, a relatively new triangular belt continuously variable transmission is adopted. The worm gear and worm transmission are designed and calculated many times.

Third, the whole machine structure and material selection. The design strives to be simple and compact, beautiful appearance, the overall size of the machine is reasonable, and the feeding height and safety are also fully considered. Most of the materials of the tool are stainless steel. To reduce the weight of the tool and reduce the production cost, the frame part is made of stainless steel. Folded and welded