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The Maintenance knowledge of multifunctional automatic vegetable cutting machine

Jul 15, 2020

multifunctional automatic vegetable cutter

All users of automatic vegetable cutters know that the protection of equipment is particularly important. And normal equipment protection can greatly exert the service life of equipment. It can be said that protection is essential to equipment. Regarding what is the correct repair and maintenance, Runxiang introduces the understanding of the machine.

We can choose the following methods to protect and adjust.

The first is about the adjustment of the chain

The adjustment is carried out after the motor is continuous. The chain is pressed with fingers at the center of the two sprockets. The amount of tightening is generally between 4 and 9 mm. It is the standard value. Once the specification is worthwhile, adjust the idler to the regular tightness. .

The second is about the replacement of stepless speed change

Inspection refueling and replacement of stepless speed change gearbox oil, first of all, it is necessary to continuous motor. It is strictly forbidden to remove the oil check plug under the condition of fireworks. The oil just flows out to an appropriate amount, and it is compensated when it is lacking.

The third is the adjustment of the belt

After the motor is continuous, at the center of the two pulleys, use the fingers (middle finger and index finger) to press the belt to tighten the amount of 7 to 12mm as the standard value. When it is greater than the specification value, adjust the idler to the regular tightness.

The fourth is that we do not use preservation for a long time

When we want to store it for a long time without using it, we can wash and clean the mud and other objects in each part, and all the debris attached to the reversing parts and belts and chains must be completely removed and reversed. Part and friction automatic part, full of oil to avoid the appearance of rust.

The above is about the adjustment and protection methods of the multi-function automatic vegetable cutter. Our company has professional technicians and perfect after-sales service. My customers provide more guaranteed products. Welcome to our company to discuss the order.