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The introduction to the structure and principle of corn peeling machine

Nov 23, 2020

 The main structure is a peeling machine and a peeler separating screen. The corn peeling machine is composed of a feeder, a peeling roller, a frame, etc. The feeder ensures the uniformity of soybeans entering the machine and adjusts the output. The dehulling roller has a specially designed tooth profile, which mainly squeezes and tears soybeans. The squeezing force breaks the soybeans, and the tearing force separates the soybean hulls and kernels. The peeled skin and kernel mixture falls into the skin kernel separating sieve. The separating sieve has two sieve surfaces, and there are two suction ports at the back of the sieve surface.

Features of corn peeling machine

The peeling rate is high, the powder degree is small; the bean hulls, cotyledons, and bean navels are separated clearly after peeling, and the screening effect is good; the processing capacity is large, the single machine can process 150-300T/D, the process route is short, the area is small, and the operation Simple; low power consumption. Good safety performance, simple operation, long service life and low maintenance. Soybean peeling is an effective method to increase the processing capacity of extraction equipment and reduce the residual oil of soybean meal.