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The importance of food packaging

Jan 09, 2020

Although law enforcement agencies constantly investigate and deal with such products on the market, strictly enforce the law, and continue to renovate packaging and anti-counterfeiting methods, the high profits brought by counterfeit and inferior packaging still make many businesses take risks.

Excessive packaging to consume chicken ribs

On the eve of Dragon Boat Festival in May, all kinds of rice dumplings launched on the market have saved consumers time and energy, but they have not been able to worry. It is also a dozen dumplings, and the price after luxury packaging has made many people discourage them, shouting "no happiness".The term “astronomical price” prevailing around the Mid-Autumn Festival every year has also become the most fashionable topic in this year's Dragon Boat Festival: the dumplings packed in layers have bought hundreds or even thousands of yuan. Consumers' "value for money" has now become "value for money." Noisy packaging not only makes consumers lose weight, but also causes a lot of waste of resources.

Packaging materials, packaging technology, packaging printing materials, packaging testing and other factors that affect packaging safety issues will certainly become a major focus of packaging development.

Food is always people's favorite, and food packaging is more important.

1. Protect food and extend its shelf life

(1) Protecting the appearance quality of food produces certain economic benefits

During the entire circulation process of food, it must be handled, handled, transported and stored, which will easily cause damage to the appearance quality of the food. After the food is packaged inside and outside, it can protect the food well to prevent damage.

(2) Protect the original quality of food and extend the shelf life of food

During the entire circulation process of food, its quality will change and deteriorate.

Food itself has certain nutrients and moisture, which are the basic conditions for the production and reproduction of bacteria, mold, and yeast. When the food is stored at a temperature suitable for their reproduction, it will cause food to deteriorate. If the food is packaged in aseptic packaging or after high temperature sterilization, refrigeration, etc., it will prevent the occurrence of food spoilage and prolong the shelf life of food.