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The importance of filter and feeder in pellet machine

Jan 25, 2021

Due to the small size of powder and granular substances, they are easy to stay inside the machine and cause pollution during the processing of the pellet machine, which will seriously damage the performance of the equipment in the long run. Therefore, it is very important to clean up all parts of the equipment during use. Let us look at the importance of cleaning the filter and feeder of the particle machine.

1. filter

This kind of particle machine has a filter mesh component, which is the main guarantee for filtering particles and making particle processing more pure and high-quality. Because of this, the filter screen will be severely blocked after long-term use and work. Therefore, when using this kind of granulator, it should be cleaned regularly to clear the blockage of the filter screen, which is conducive to the good effect of granulation and particle treatment.

2. Feeder

 The feed link of the biomass pellet machine is the main prerequisite for the completion of pelletization and pellet processing. Without the feed channel, it is impossible to complete various operations such as particle crushing and processing. Therefore, after long-term use, the feeder will be blocked. If the size of the material carried in the device is too large, serious blockage will occur, resulting in a decrease in the feeding speed. Therefore, the daily cleaning of the feeder is the basic method to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

The above is an introduction to the cleaning knowledge of the filter screen of the particle machine and the feeder. In the structure of this type of mechanical equipment, the filter and the feeder are two parts that are particularly prone to blockage. Once blockage occurs, it will seriously affect the normal working status and efficiency of the equipment, and also damage the income. Therefore, the staff is serious Treat these two accessories.