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The common sealing method of automatic packaging machine

May 25, 2020

 Some people may not understand what the sealing method of the fully automatic packaging machine means, so let's talk briefly today. Usually we can see the most than the back seal, three-side seal, four-side seal, the same bag size, the back seal can pack a larger volume.

There are probably the following types of packaging and sealing methods:

 1. Back sealing packaging method (using pillow packaging machine or vertical packaging machine)

 2. Four-side sealing and packaging method (using vertical machine, bagging machine or sealing machine)

 3. Three-side sealing packaging method (using vertical packaging machine)

 4. Blister packaging method (use a blister packaging machine, the packaging effect is like a toothbrush seen)

 5. Triangle packaging method (using vertical packaging machine)

 6. Heat shrink packaging method (use heat shrink packaging machine + heat shrink furnace)

 7. Boxed sealing method (using boxed machine or manual packaging)

 8. Self-adhesive bag packaging method (using a bagging machine, the self-adhesive bag packaging effect is like red envelopes and envelopes)

 9. Packing method of gusseted bag

10. Four sides hot packing method

11. Bottle cap lid (filling machine + cap twisting machine)

12. Manual packaging (generally refers to the packaging effect that cannot be completed by the machine needs to be completed manually)