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The basic common sense of the fryer

Jan 20, 2020

1. Hot pot and cold oil for cooking. 

Many people refuel when the pot is slightly hot, and then burn the oil until it is smoke. the fried food is delicious, but you don't know that such oil is very harmful to the human body. Vegetable oil contains very little trans fat. However, high oil temperature will produce trans fat. For example, foods fried at high temperatures, such as pumpkin pie, chicken nuggets and Youtiao, contain trans fats. If the same oil is used repeatedly, it will also produce trans fat. Here to remind you, cooking oil temperature is not too high, once used oil is firmly poured out, do not recycle, so as not to endanger health. So when cooking, make the pot very hot, or even smoke a little bit, and then you can immediately stir-fry the vegetables after refueling, which will not affect the taste of the vegetables at all, just like you stir-fry them with high-temperature oil and make them healthier. 

two。. How should I wash the vegetables? 

Vegetables should be washed when they are bought home, because they are afraid of pesticide residues, so they must be washed repeatedly in the water. Even if the immersion method is used, it is best to change the water after ten minutes. Here I solemnly recommend you to use rice washing water, washing vegetables with rice washing can remove part of the pesticide residues in vegetables.At present, organophosphorus pesticides are mostly used to kill insects in our country, and these pesticides will lose their toxicity as soon as they encounter acidic substances. Soak in Amoy rice water for about 10 minutes and wash it with clean water, which can reduce the pesticide residues in vegetables a lot. 

3. When cooking noodles, add a little salt to the pot, so that the noodles are not easy to rot and paste. 

4. Boil new bamboo shoots in boiling water, which is easy to cook, crisp and delicious. To keep the bamboo shoots from shrinking, add a few peppermint leaves or salt. 

5. Adding a small amount of granulated sugar to scrambled eggs will increase the solidification temperature of protein denaturation, thus delaying the heating time, coupled with the water retention of granulated sugar, which can make the egg products become puffy and soft.