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The advantages of biomass pellet machine

May 13, 2020

Biomass pellet machine is a new type of mechanical equipment. It mainly uses eucalyptus wood, pine wood, birch wood, poplar wood, fruit wood and crop straw, bamboo chips, etc. to be crushed into sawdust bran and processed into biomass fuel. It is widely used in heating, domestic stoves, hot water boilers, Industrial boilers, biomass power plants, etc. Here are the advantages of biomass pellet machine.

Advantage 1: Wear-resistant, low-failure ring molds and other consumable parts are made of high-grade stainless steel, using a combination of American vacuum furnaces and continuous quenching furnaces, and are manufactured with precision and double the service life.

Advantage 2: low energy consumption and high output. The motor power of the main engine is 90kw, and the output is 1.2-1.5T / H. Under the same energy consumption, the output industry is leading.

Advantage 3: wide application and good molding can be applied to the production of a variety of agricultural and forestry wastes such as wood flour, wood chips, rice husks, bamboo chips, straws, pecan skins, chestnut skins, etc. The particles after molding are smooth and beautiful, with few cracks. High density and uniform length.

Advantage 4: Stable performance and low noise Fully adopts CAD design. The main casting is subjected to mechanical and support reliability analysis in one molding. The product has stable performance, safety and reliability, and has a small footprint and low noise. Advantages 5: Reliable and reliable To ensure that the company provides technical support for plant construction throughout the process, adopts a one-to-one service model by region, and the after-sales service team provides 24-hour service to ensure that each of our customers can produce normally.

Biomass pellet machine can alleviate the shortage of energy problems, so users have high enthusiasm for investing in biomass pellet machine. Therefore, the biomass pellet machine is required to have more superior performance. If you have any questions about the biomass pellet machine equipment, please contact our online customer service, we will provide you with professional services.