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Technical development trend of potato implant machine

Jan 10, 2019

1. Seeding Accuracy Control Technology 

The technology uses the magnetic effect principle to design the potato seeding monitoring system, in which the control system adopts the contact sensor, which mainly includes the main controller, the sensor and the wiring harness. The main controller is based on the core of digital control technology, fully modular design, with LCD display. Each line of real-time leakage alarm prompts, and self-calculation of the leakage rate and record the area of each work segment. At work, the contact sensor detects the seed potato signal in the seed Cup, and when sowing is normal, the sensor has a series of continuous pulse signals passed to the controller. When leaking, the controller does not receive the pulse signal, the LCD screen does not have monitoring data, at this time the system alarm, prompt the staff shutdown check.

The branch of the system monitors the inductive data in real time, and can directly calculate the data input controller operation and logic, the controller components include the combination knob, power switch, monitoring start and stop, LCD display, etc., the controller converts the pulse signal transmitted by the sensor, and displays the monitored data on the LCD display.

2, chain rake mesh imitation fertilization technology

The use of chain rake mesh imitation fertilization technology can avoid the problem that the traditional outer groove wheel discharge fertilizer is easy to clog, facial fertilizer, organic fertilizer can not be sprinkled, solve the problem of poor adoption of fertilization mechanism, increase the maximum amount of fertilizer application, meet the agronomic requirements, imitation through strong ability, achieve bilateral deep fertilization, to solve the problem of mixed application and burning species.

3, Trench technology

Potato seed potato is different from wheat, corn, soybeans and other crops, its shape, size, physical characteristics are more complex, so the design of a boots trench, the trench groove resistance is small, open the ditch can be very good to stabilize the seeding plant excretion of seed potatoes, effectively control the movement of seed potatoes, to ensure the sowing of seed potatoes topping. In recent years, the development of potato growing machinery in China is fast, potato planter production enterprises from several rapid expansion to dozens of, but from the product structure and function, the similarity is higher, more than 90% of the products are still stuck in the improvement of mechanical design, in the sowing accuracy detection and monitoring, is still in the exploration stage, To be further studied.