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Storage temperature of fryer machine

Mar 11, 2020

The oxidation speed of the oil in the full-automatic fryer decreases significantly as the temperature decreases. For every 10 ° C decrease in temperature, the oxidation speed increases 2 times. 

When vacuum-fried food is packed with nitrogen. The effect of temperature on the shelf life of food will increase significantly. The product is stored at room temperature for 12 months, and the peroxide price of the product stored at 50 ° C for 2 months will exceed the standard. Deep-fried male fish must use high-quality edible blending oil and salad oil. Soybean oil, peanut oil, rapeseed oil, animal oil, etc. should not be selected. 

As the oil for deep-fried male fish, salad oil has clear oil, low boiling point, and light color after frying. Generally use electric fryer. Fully automatic fryer on the operation table (stainless steel surface), add 1.00 g dry flour (fine powder) per kilogram of fish, first pour the male fish on the work table, then add the dry flour by hand (with latex gloves) Copy from bottom to top to make flour evenly adhere to the surface of fresh fish. 

The remaining flour should be scraped off with a scraper, and the case surface should be cleaned to prevent repeated use, making the surface of the fish stick to the boil and affecting the appearance. Put the mixed fish on the stainless steel net, and sieve it gently. The automatic frying pan will sieve off the dry flour in time. Note that the noodles can only be mixed after the oil temperature of the fryer has reached the required level.