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Some problems about hydraulic oil machine cutting too much

Apr 27, 2020

Pay attention to maintaining a reasonable pressure. When using the oil pump to pressurize, do not be too urgent or too sharp to prevent the impact of the oil on the hydraulic components. When the pressure is reduced, the oil return valve must be opened first. Slowly open the valve to avoid sudden pressure drop. During use, it is strictly prohibited to adjust the safety valve to a pressure gauge reading above 40 MPa (400 kgf / cm2) to avoid bursting of the pipeline or cylinder. In order to prevent overloading of various parts, the safety valve should not be tripped frequently to avoid the wear of the valve sleeve and the failure of the spring due to excessive spring fatigue and loss of elasticity.

Pay attention to timely maintenance When operating the hydraulic oil press, you should always pay attention to the operation status of the machine, and pay attention to frequent inspections of vulnerable parts (such as leather cups, sealing devices, steel balls, pistons, etc.), repair and replace in time. The loose nuts should be tightened; the oil press has more residue and the oil yield is not enough. For rapeseed, the temperature is not enough because the rapeseed is fried well. The pressure is too high. The oil is too dry. The solution is to replace the accessories. Small oil presses return oil into the hopper. This problem also occurs when the press is started. If this problem occurs, you can check whether the round row or the strip row is too tight. There may also be too much oil in the oil. Check the thinness of the cake Thickness, if it is too thin, is also the cause of oil return, the solution is: loosen the compression nut to make the oil flow smoothly; adjust the thickness of the cake, add the cake to the squeeze chamber to flush out the oil. In this way, the problem of oil return into the hopper can be solved.