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Scope of application of Granulator

Jan 11, 2019

Flat Mold Series Granulator in China is generally divided into two pressure wheels or a number of parallel pressure wheel granulator, mainly suitable for making organic fertilizer granulation. If you do fuel particles, although you can also do it, but the wear on the machine is very large, and thus the cost is increased, so it is not applicable. Aiming at this difficult problem, on the basis of drawing lessons from foreign advanced technology, a conical wheel granulator has been developed in China, and the machine and the two-wheel series have the following different types of pressure rollers using oblique wheels. And the two ends and the die plate, the outer ring line speed does not appear the wheel and the die dislocation friction, reduces the resistance, reduces the kinetic energy loss, lengthens the Die service life, this is with the same kind of compression molding equipment significant difference.

This technology is a very advanced technology today.