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Reasons to influence the price of the feed pellet machine

Oct 20, 2019

Here is the reasons zhengzhou runxiang machinery equipment co.,ltd analysis:

1,Firstly,Production problem:

 It is a major factor in determining the price. The output of large machinery and equipment is large, and the corresponding price is high, which can be said to be almost proportional.

2, Secondly,raw materials: 

the raw material requirements for biomass wood pellet fuel is 2-6MM size, water content is 10-15%, then the raw materials do not meet this condition to be treated, for example, using branches or undercuts, then you have to With the pulverizing equipment, if the water is large, the drying equipment must be used, so that the price of the equipment is high.

3, Thirdly,process: 

is the degree of automation of the equipment, as well as the mode of operation, which involves a relatively large, high degree of automation, high prices, high degree of closure of the operating mode, delivery mode, then the dust will be much less, the price will be high, the process is simple The price is cheaper.

4, lastly,quality: 

With the increase of people's environmental awareness, the application of feed pellet machine has become extensive, so there are many manufacturers of pellet machine equipment, the quality is uneven, all kinds of colors, large and small, then the price will be very large The old manufacturers have good technology and quality.

Before we purchase the feed pellet machine, we must know some knowledge about the factors that determine the price of the pellet machine, so that we can buy products with high cost performance, good quality and low price, thus reducing unnecessary expenses. To save our production costs.

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