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Product Features of Small Fryer

Feb 04, 2020

1) The advanced mechanical configuration and control of the small fryer can always maintain a good working condition, which not only improves the output, but also makes the product quality stable, and the color, fragrance and taste unified.

    (2) The automatic filtering of this machine can greatly prolong the service life of the oil froth without frequent oil changes. The oil consumed during the frying process is equivalent to the oil absorbed by the product. There is no doubt about the fuel efficiency.

    (3) Advanced oil-water integrated technology, overcomes the defects of conventional fryer, automatic filtering, can keep the fried oil clean, make fried products consistent, which not only improves product quality, extends shelf life, but also brings Comes with higher added value.

    (4) The advanced and efficient heating system of the small fryer prevents energy waste to a greater extent and saves a lot of energy expenditure.

    (5) The realization of the continuous work of the small fryer improves the unit work efficiency, effectively reduces the unit cost, and is extremely helpful to labor expenditure and management expenditure.

6 (6) Using this equipment can greatly improve product quality, reduce various costs incurred during production, and make your products more market competitive