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Precautions when operating hydraulic oil press

Jul 31, 2020

1. It is necessary to train operators on some knowledge and skills in mechanical, electrical and safety aspects, and understand the circuit principle of the machine.

2. Before production, first open the pump station tank cover to see if the hydraulic oil is sufficient (submerge the entire pump station): then check whether the circuit connection is normal, and ensure that the electrical system adopts grounding protection measures.

3. Fireworks are strictly prohibited near the place where the machine is placed.

4. During the operation of the machine, it is strictly forbidden to open the pump station cover.

5. When oil leakage is found in the oil pipe, do not remove the blockage by hand, and cut off the power of the machine in time before replacing the oil pipe.

6. It is strictly forbidden to idle the machine for a long time before the machine is put in the raw materials, otherwise the plunger will be pushed out of the cylinder, which will damage the sealing ring and destroy the sealing system.

7. During the oil pressing process, it is strictly forbidden to clean the machine before the power is cut off.

8. It is strictly forbidden to have other operations or any dangerous actions that are not required by this manual.