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Precautions for the maintenance of automatic powder packing machine

Oct 25, 2019

Therefore, after purchasing the automatic metering powder quantitative packaging machine, we should pay attention to its daily maintenance and maintenance. Here are some questions for the maintenance:

(1) Lubrication: It is necessary to regularly lubricate the gears of the gears, the oil-filled holes of the bearings, and the lubricating parts of the moving parts. Once every shift, the reducer is strictly prohibited from running without oil. When filling the lubricating oil, be careful not to put the oil tank on the rotating belt to prevent damage caused by slipping or premature aging of the belt.

(2) Maintenance: Before using the automatic metering powder quantitative packaging machine, check the screws of each part, there must be no looseness. Otherwise, it will affect the normal rotation of the whole machine. For its electrical parts, it should be waterproof and moisture-proof. Anti-corrosion, anti-rat, to ensure that the electrical control box and wiring terminals are clean, in order to prevent electrical failure, after the shutdown, the two heat sealer body should be in the open position to prevent burnt packaging materials.

(3) Cleaning: After stopping the machine, it is necessary to clean the metering part in time. The heat seal body should be cleaned frequently to ensure the sealing line of the packaged product is clear. The scattered materials should be cleaned up in time to facilitate the cleanness of the parts and thus Goodly extend its service life, and always clean the dust inside the electric control box to prevent electrical faults such as short circuit or poor contact.

Due to its small size and easy to float, the powder type has a fully automatic metering powder quantitative packaging machine, which not only facilitates the packaging of this product, but also cleans the working environment of people, so that people have safety and health problems at work. Guarantee, and if this packaging machine can run for a long time, we must pay attention to its daily maintenance, so that it can better serve our production and life.