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Precautions for the installation and production of various toothpick equipment

Oct 15, 2020

1. Pay great attention to avoid the occurrence of installation

Installation deviation.

1) The tightening of the gland should be carried out after the coupling is aligned. The bolts should be evenly supported to prevent the end face of the gland from deflection. Check each point with a feeler gauge, and the error should not exceed 0.05 mm;

2) Check the fitting clearance (ie concentricity) between the gland and the outer diameter of the shaft or sleeve. The circumference should be even. Use a feeler gauge to check that the tolerance of each point is not more than 0.01 mm.

2. The compression of the spring should be carried out in accordance with the regulations, and no excessive or small phenomena are allowed, and the required error is 2.00 mm. If it is too large, the specific pressure of the end face will be increased, and the end face wear will also be accelerated. Too small will cause insufficient specific pressure and can not play a sealing role.

3. After the moving ring is installed, the beard should be able to move flexibly on the shaft. After the moving ring is pressed against the spring, it should automatically spring back.

Each type of machinery has many problems of this kind when it is working. What problems will there be when it is installed? We hope to make our products more and better, and welcome you to buy our products.