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Precautions for replacing hydraulic oil in hydraulic oil press

Aug 05, 2020

Hydraulic oil is very important for hydraulic oil presses. Although hydraulic oil is not a part of the machine body of hydraulic oil presses, we can see its status from the name, so treat hydraulic oil like The important parts of hydraulic oil press must be replaced regularly and inspected regularly.

The hydraulic oil press will cause the loss or deterioration of the hydraulic oil during the working process. Hydraulic oil will gradually deteriorate due to mechanical, physical and chemical effects. When the quality of the working medium drops to a level that does not meet the index requirements, it must be replaced in time. Once hydraulic oil is produced, it will face the threat of deterioration. During long-term storage, the particulate contaminants in the oil have a tendency to agglomerate into agglomerates. During transportation, due to the impact of vibration, agglomeration will occur in the tiny particles. After finally entering the hydraulic system to work, the fission speed will be greatly accelerated. Taking mineral oil hydraulic oil as an example, more than 96% of the components are carbon and hydrogen compounds-hydrocarbons, and the rest are sulfur, nitrogen and ash. Various additives such as anti-oxidation, anti-wear, anti-rust, defoaming, pour point depressing, etc. are also added as needed. When in a hydraulic system, it is also affected by external factors such as air, moisture, impurities, heat, light, and mechanical agitation. At the same time, internal factors such as the chemical composition of the hydraulic oil and the nature of additives can also cause various physical changes and Chemical changes cause hydraulic oil to gradually age and deteriorate. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the hydraulic oil when it cannot be used or can no longer meet the working needs of the hydraulic oil press. If it deteriorates, it must be replaced with a new hydraulic oil, otherwise it will not affect the hydraulic oil press. Up.